Aston Martin V8 Vantage "Oscar India", 1979 

Una delle 41 con guida a sinistra, cambio manuale, restaurata integralmente dalla Casa Madre
One of just 41 samples LHD, manual gearbox, fully restored by Aston Martin service

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By 1983, the Aston Martin V8 range had been in production for over half a decade and was still going strong. Continued upgrades and model changes meant that each customer bought a hand-crafted and custom-built vehicle, and the second iteration of the Vantage engine meant that those customers were often driving the most powerful vehicle on the road.

The V580 engine, introduced in 1980, was standard across the V8 range – it was the specification of the camshafts that increased the Vantage output to 375 bhp. The problem came with the tyres: Pirelli had trouble maintaining consistent quality with the previously favoured tyre, so in 1981 the factory moved to the P7. Unfortunately, this tyre required over inflation, and ride and handling were severely affected. In 1983, a solution was found: adopt 8-in. BBS wheels, and widen the wheel arch to accommodate the larger combination of wheel and tyre. Seen on this vehicle, these wheels are often considered much more beautiful and were retained for following models. Combined with the rare and desirable manual gearbox, the Vantage was a potent car and today highly sought after in this configuration.

Having been in current ownership since May 2007, this rare Aston Martin V580 BBS, as these later Oscar Indias are commonly known, left the factory on 28 March 1983 with the desirable and rare Vantage specification and manual gearbox. It has undergone three stages of extensive restoration work to bring it to showroom condition. The first stage, completed in 2008, focused on the mechanical restoration. Invoices accounting for labour and new parts, including a new clutch, new shock absorbers, a new steering rack and five new tyres, amount to €40.000, and the work was completed by Aston Martin Bordeaux.

The second stage, completed in 2011, focused on the paintwork and cost €35.000 at Aston Martin Bordeaux and in 2013, again by Aston Martin Bordeaux, further restoration work cost in excess of €77.000. The body was completely taken apart and repaired before being primed and painted, fitted with all new glass and window seals, and then re-trimmed in 30 square meters of immaculate white leather.

Finally, just this year chassis no. 12363 underwent a tune-up by Aston Martin Heritage at a cost €37.000 to ensure that it is in correct and working order. Total expenditure in the last 10 years has surpassed €188.000.

Beautifully pristine in every way, a more perfect V8 Vantage Oscar India would be hard to find. Complete with build sheet and Heritage Certificate, plus invoices and photographs from all restoration work.


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